Envision a new libation whose single focus is to create an ultra-premium tequila spirit in style, flavor, and packaging to reflect the strength of a man’s liquor while personifying the mysterious and sensual allure of a woman with sophisticated style and taste.

Now more than ever, the powerful woman is the subject of everything from popular music to hit movies. Companies are learning that the way to sell any product is to market it to women, and that’s why Whispering Eye Tequila, (W.E.T.) managed to create a cult like following before the first bottle hit the shelf. But we’re getting ahead of our story.


 The Whispering Eye Tequila partners are a team of entrepreneurs and marketing visionaries with extensive experience in developing new and existing brands into multi-million dollar successes. Envisioning a new tequila – the partners wanted to create a unique product that captures the essence of the powerful and elegant women of today.

The developmental journey began with a search for an area of Mexico where the sweetest agave grows. For centuries, the agave nectar has been the finest natural sweetener used in its purest form with a taste that is sweeter than honey – ideal for producing the highest quality tequila. After locating the best crop of agave within the highlands of Jalisco nearby the small town of Arandas, Mexico – the team became incessant with the vision of creating a tequila that accentuated the sweetness of the agave like no other tequila before. Through and intense journey and multiple development stages, the team succeeded in creating a series of sweet and complex flavors to accentuate the blue agave’s natural and unspoiled nectar.

Harvesting the agave plant was the first step by native artisans within the tequila region known as Jimadors, who have extensive knowledge of every plant’s varying growth and maturity, to ensure that they harvest each plant at the appropriate time before fermentation to extract the most sugar content and succulence. Expertly hand-pruned and trimmed using a wooden handled circular blade tool called a coa – the Jimadors remove the base of each branch completely to alleviate any bitter or sour notes, while revealing the core of the agave called the piña, which holds all of the plant’s nectar.

Subsequently, they deliver the piñas to a 70,000 sq. ft. state of the art distillery to roast using perfected times and temperatures. This process transforms all of the starches to sugar, while creating multiple tones that will tantalize the taste buds of women. Peacefully cradled through a gravity-fed distillation process without the use of pumps or motors – the tequila finishes through a proprietary cellulose filtration system before resting. The ultra-premium blanco then rests for two years in stainless steel portraying the upmost commitment of quality. This allows the oxygenation to occur naturally; again without any assistance of motors or machines. The dual distilling process results in a distinctively smooth premium Blanco. The Reposado is created from the same Blanco product, but it is aged for four months in American White Oak Barrels. Cleanliness and consistency are both paramount to the process.  The distillery practices a unique cleansing procedure by rinsing and sanitizing each bottle with tequila, disposing of the used tequila upon completion of the cleaning process.

Because this was a product designed for sophisticated women, it was necessary to take it directly to multiple women’s focus groups to determine their preferences. These were interactive groups of women within the target demographic, who received an array of questions while they tried the tequila, to determine a taste and color that they would find the most palatable and appealing to the female demographic. In addition, their feedback regarding the overall brand from concept to advertising to packaging was just as important as the liquor itself. Knowing what would be the most appealing to the female consumer helped in the creation of the sleek and feminine bottle design with a smooth glass cork top, along with the artistic, yet seductive whispering eye logo to represent the final product.  Presented in head-turning, sensual bottles, W.E.T. spirits exude sexiness and sophistication while providing unforgettable taste and uncompromising quality.

This unparalleled recipe developed through more than five years of research, numerous trips between the US and Mexico, multiple tastings, meticulous preparation, and market analysis, to ensure that the Whispering Eye Tequila would be an inviting spirit that enhances your senses, opens your mind to new endeavors, and guides you through uncharted waters – “You’ll never forget your first”!

You’ll enjoy Whispering Eye Tequila, and the unique, sensual and succulent flavor will have you coming back for more. The unique packaging, specialized marketing techniques, and cutting edge advertising will continue to expand the demand for this premium tequila and create loyal, raving fans. And as we all know, Life is Better W.E.T.

~Scott Lewis and Neal Scarborough

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